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It is finally here! The court schedule for this winter’s available fixed rental subscriptions!!!

29 weeks of pure indoor beachsports FUN

We are calculating to put the dome up the first week of October, and take it down end of April. That gives us 29 weeks of beachsports, parties, tournaments and so forth… Let’s play!!!

The calculation is easy. You choose the time that you prefer, and ask us at or +32470570835 if it’s still available. If so, we provide you with the bankaccount to pay the full sum of your desired hours.

Beach Volleyball Game
Schermafbeelding 2022-08-31 om 10.50_edited.jpg
Beach Volleyball


The payment consists of the sum of all amounts in the hours you desire. The reservation is only valid once the money is on our account! Reservations can not be done without payment!

  • The new court rental price will be 29 euro per hour this year.

  • You can buy a 10-card at 260 euro

  • The super off-peak seasonal reservation costs 500 euro (or 17 euro/h)

  • The off-peak seasonal reservation costs 600 euro (or 20 euro/h)

  • The peak seasonal reservation costs 675 euro (or 23 euro per hour) and includes 3 last minute vouchers to book for another day if you need to cancel!

    Be aware! Slots

  • 20h-21h and 21h-22h are not ‘combinable’!

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