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Hey BE⭐️CHRs!!!!!!

We are excited to share with you some news for next Sunday and the following!!! 🤩✌🏼

1) SUNDAY 16 May, the Open Beach Training is given by a good friend of B⭐️EU and super experienced trainer, Sven Walleze 🇳🇱. Don’t miss the chance to train with him!

2) From next Sunday, we will have a babysitting /animation service for your kids while

you play! Please contact us for more info and costs!!! 😜💪🏼

3) The Under 10 BE⭐️CHRs training on Sunday at 11.00 is open for the youngsters to join!!! ❤️ Contact us to register!!!!

Thank you all and see you on the sand! 🔥

The B⭐️EU Team

Rodrigo Rodrigo
Diana Lupascu
Carlo Alberto Catarinicchia


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