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Beachvolley Europe goes 'Gentse Feesten'!!!

BEACHRs, we are co-organising a trifecta of events during the 'Gentse feesten' with our daughter club Beachtraxx in Ghent. Three events that start on court and end in the streets of the biggest urban festival in Europe.

  • Saturday 15/7: BEACHR ROYALE, a mixed King and Queen of the Court format

  • Thursday 20/7: BALLZ 'n BEATZ, the Open Beach at Beachtraxx (with live DJ), and it's a Bank Holiday after 😉😉😉!!!

  • Saturday 22/7: LEAGUE OF BEACHRs Double gender 12 male and 13 female teams allowed.

Register at

Play together, shine together!!!

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