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Good morning!!!!

Here the show time for tomorrow's Mixed Tournament:

@ 10:45

Redouane - Levine

Jordan - Ludovica

Harold - Francesca

Nick - Kathleen

Thomas - Caroline

Santo - Ginevra

Marvin - Lina


Tim - Sofia

Pino - Sally

Alhassane - Federica

Alex - Sara

Alhoussene - Cinzia

Wesley - Kiki

Andy + BECHR

Francesco - Nataliya

Ludo - Katrin

Simone - Diana

Please be sharp on time and bring your best smile!!!!! :)

Tinou Tinou
Emrah Akman
Sally Ancheva
Jul 03, 2021

Hey Patrizio and co., Do you intend to maintain the tournament tomorrow if it's the same weather as today? (Just checked the weather forecast and it looks miserable). Nick and I are not sure we want to play if that's the case.



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