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Good morning BEACHRs!!!

We are excited for a new playing format that we would like to test with you!

We call this new concept "OPEN MATCH".

Playing games is essential to put what we learn during trainings into practice and to improve our level.

Open Matches will be divided by level, to guarantee the quality/intensity of games for all.

Of course you are free to exchange players between courts and to decide your game rules!

We will open a match of 2h every 4 participants during fixed sessions arranged by level every other Sunday.

Minimum 8, maximum 12 participants per session.

This way, given that multiple courts are used at the same time, we can offer a better price than normal court rental (10EUR/person for 2h!).

We strive to provide you with the best sport offer, trying to find new solutions to better allocate the super high costs we are facing.

Open Matches are already available on our Website and in the App!

See you on the sand!

The B🌟EU Team

  • Max Byk
    Youssef EL HARIM
    Omar Tifouri
    Shauni Wellekens


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