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important communication (please read it all)

Hi BE⭐️CHRs,

We want to update you all on the status of the installation of the winter dome over our courts.

You may already know that the world is experiencing a global crisis in supplies and raw materials. Unfortunately, we have not been spared by this and, as a consequence, the delivery and installation of the winter dome has been substantially delayed. 😣

Despite the fact that we have ordered (and paid for) it in Summer, we are told that we have to wait a few more weeks. We promise we are putting all the possible pressure on our supplier to reduce the delivery time and we can’t wait to welcome you in our brand new dome! ❤️

For the Training of the next Weeks

Given the decrease of the temperature at night, we have decided to move one weekly training sessions to Sunday mornings, so we can practice during the warmer hours (and play afterwards). We will adjust the time

of the second session so we can start earlier for those groups that normally practice at 20.00.

You know us by now and you can appreciate our frustration with this situation, but you know as well that as soon as the dome is ready we will start with throwing the biggest winter beach party in Belgium ever!!!! 🔥🔥🔥

Thank you for your understanding and see you on the sand 🙏🏼❤️

Jan Demidovits-Mekelainen


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