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Hi guys !

Yesterday someone stuck a paper with a superglue on the front window of my car 🤬

It seems that the person didn’t appreciate me being parked in front of a street, which anyway has been blocked for any entrance by the fences. It happened in rue Dante. Some traces of the glue still remain, the person really had bad intentions!

Pay attention please and take care all ! 💕

Million thanks to Kiki, Rodrigo & Redouane for their help 🙏

Emrah Akman
Patrizio Lupi
Wayris Villarroel
Emrah Akman
Emrah Akman
Jul 24, 2021

they had stuck it on the window of my car in the same place on Friday last week. I forcibly removed the pasted paper. I guess that person carries super glue and papers with writing on them in his bag, and he does it every week.😡



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