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Please find below the schedule of tomorrow's tournaments:

WOMEN's Tournament:

- 11:00 Show Time for All participants

- 15:30 Final Games (approx.)

MEN's Tournament:

- 13:45 Showtime for the following players:

  • Tim Kermans Louis Laenen

  • Pedro Costa Leonardo Mosca

  • Andrea Napolitano Andrea Mpglianesi

  • Alex Wielgos Giuseppinetto Zuffanti

  • Omar Tifouri Andreas Aurelius

  • Jonas Breuer Youssef El Harim

- 14:45 Showtime for the following players

  • Timo De Gaspari Alexy Humblet

  • Mica de Raedt Kenneth Mylemans

  • Davide Piscini Sander Deruyck

  • Francesco Chiechi Cedric

  • Guénolé De Hemmer Abel Pepin

  • Valentin Steisel John Steisel

- 17:45 Final Games (approx.)

  • AN
    Youssef EL HARIM
    Karolien Lingier


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