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Hi BE⭐️CHRs,

The New Year’s camp in Tenerife is almost full!!!! ❤️

in order to be sure everything is in arranged, we ask those of you that are coming to fill this FORM

If you still don’t know, We are flying to Tenerife for a New Year’s Beach Camp / Vacation! 😎💪🏽

From 27 December until 2 January we‘ll practice with local coaches and play at the wonderful spot of Playa Las Vistas.

There is nothing better than spending a week in a sunny and warm place doing what we like the most, instead of going to the usual New Year’s Eve parties in the cold Brussels 😂

Flights and accommodation are an individual responsibility, but we have some useful info to make the booking experience easy.

Check this PDF for more and let us know if you want to join the crew! 😊

  • Andy van Daele
    Diana Lupascu
    Simone De Vita
    Frederico Abrantes Siqueira


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