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Good day BE😎CHRs!!!!

This Sunday November 7 at 12.00, we will have a special Open Beach session with a photo-shooting 📸 for a 2022 Calendar!! 😜

The calendar will be presented before Xmas 🎄 at a special Charity Party and all the money raised from the sales will be given to a no-profit organization that helps less lucky children. ❤️

The more we will be, the better the photos, so let’s do this! Don’t forget to wear your BE⭐️CHR clothing if you have it! and of course we play during and after the shooting!!!! 😉

Thanks in advance to our BE⭐️CHRs and photographers @robertacacciaglia @Gabriel @Emrah Akman ❤️

Sign up for the session with the app or on our website.

For this occasion, we have discounted the price to 5€!!!

Jan Demidovits-Mekelainen
Rodrigo Rodrigo
Georgios Patkos
Sally Ancheva


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