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Dzień dobry everyone !! :D

We would love to invite you to come down to Circle Park Sports Arena (Beach Volley Europe and Urban Padel Brussels) this Friday 11 November 2022, which also happens to be Poland’s Independence Day, traditionally from 18:00 onwards as with all Open Beach and Open Padel sessions!

It is a fantastic opportunity for our beach volley and padel community to get to know Poland and for our Polish friends to get to know our beach volley and padel community :)

We’ll be enjoying:

- classic Friday open beach and open padel playing,

- pierogi with cheese and potatoes (vege)

- Silesian pork sausages (not vege)

- plum in chocolate

- a wide variety of Polish flavoured vodkas (so far hazelnut and pigwowa are the most popular but let’s see hahah)

- typical Polish beers, including honey flavoured beers,

- a playlist of Polish songs, ranging from classics and national gems to some pretty trash tunes hahah,

The Permanent Representation of Poland to the EU has given us a bunch of fun materials to peak at in between sets!

Thanks and see you on the sand ! :3

Dzięki i do zobaczenia na piasku! :3

Rodrigo Rodrigo
Michel Steinecke
Valentina Caracci
Sander Deruyck
Rodrigo Rodrigo
Rodrigo Rodrigo
Nov 07, 2022




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