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There are just a few days left for getting your new Seasonal/Half-Seasonal Membership with the advantage of the Early Bird Promo (until 31 August)!

Do not forget that you can get a partial reimbursement for any memberships from your insurance if you bring us the respective form (amount depends on the policy of your mutuelle)!

Also, for those of you that purchase a Seasonal or Half-Seasonal Membership, you will also receive a Sport Insurance by the Volley Vlaanderen Federation included in the subscription.

Other BE🌟CHRs that have different or no memberships can nonetheless request the Sport Insurance at a cost of 20 EUR/year.

Lastly, bear in mind that if you want to buy a new membership but you have a few sessions left on your previous FLEX, you can use them to join the next Open Beach Events!

See you on the sand!

The B🌟EU Team

Jan Demidovits-Mekelainen
Rodrigo Rodrigo


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