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Don't forget about the new ‘LEAGUE OF BEACHRs’ tournament Silver and Bronze series tailored to just our intro/intermediate/advanced players? Get to know what our sport and community is all about by participating to the league, and return home afterwards, satisfied, eager to improve your performance next tournament, and maybe with the ultimate BEACHR prize in your pocket!

There are many players in need of a partner! Want to play but don’t have somebody to play with? We’ll hook you up with another BEACHR in search of a partner! Mail us with your availability and we’ll work our magic!

Don’t forget to book the tournament! Fight, prevail, overcome, WIN!!!!! Book in your app (under events) or here:

Joan Josep Rull Moreno
Michel Steinecke
Steven Van Tilborgh
Reili Kivilo


Here you can find a partner, organise your game and share wi...


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