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School Of Beach is the Training Division of BeachVolley Europe.

Our trainings are designed on the basis of a well thought technical protocol that we like to call "P.A.T.E."

(Physical, Analytical, Tactical and Experimental).

Players are divided by level in INTRO, INTERMEDIATE and PERFORMANCE Training Groups, as well as there will be Training Groups for high level BE*CHRs that compete in the Belgian Championship.

Our Trainers will assign you to the most suitable Training Group based on your skills and playing level.

Each Training Group has two trainings per week of 1h 30' (check the Training Schedule).

You are free to subscribe to any single Training of your level, or get a MEMBERSHIP if you intend to train regularly.

The MEMBERSHIPS allow you to train more and for less, and to access a whole set of additional benefits!

Check them out!

SoB Trainings: Welcome
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