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When you ask someone ‘how are you doing’ is it truly an invitation to a genuine conversation or just a polite, superficial gesture? When was the last time you called a friend to wish her ‘happy birthday’ instead just posting on the Facebook wall? How often do you add ‘connecting with a colleague’ to your to-do list at work?

Easykit is a company that provides DIY installation for your HVAC, electricity and plumbing.

Easykit has offered us a full installation of our lighting and electricity system. Due to the team of Easykit, we can play all day and night!

Launched in 2019 by Dutch environmental engineer Kevin Van de Merlen, Solar Gin is distilled in the spring and summer months in a custom-made, solar powered copper still. Special editions of the Solar Gin bottle uniquely feature a light in the base to allow the bottle to function as a decorative lamp once empty.