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Beach Volleyball Trainings

Our qualified coaches, armed with vast experience, focus on honing your analytical skills, mastering tactics, and refining techniques to optimize your performance. Each session is a step towards mastering the sand court, tailored to foster growth, confidence, and competitive excellence. Join us to transform your potential into prowess.

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If you have never played beach volleyball or indoor volleyball before, please join the START2BEACH Group!

If you have little to some experience, please join the X Group.

Admission to all the other groups is subject to Coaches' decision.

Please read below the groups description and reach out if you need more information.

Training Groups

  • "START2BEACH "(Mixed genders):

New to beach volleyball? This is where you want to be! This group focuses on the fundamentals. Learn the basics of serving, passing, and setting with an emphasis on building a solid foundation. Perfect for players who are just starting their journey on the sand.

  • "X Groups" (Mixed genders):

This group focuses on the fundamental beach volleyball skills, including simple rules, techniques, and ensuring everyone gets comfortable on the sand. 

  • "A" Groups (single gender):

For players who have a good grasp of the basic skills and want to step up their game.

A groups focus on improving skills, understanding game tactics, and starting to apply strategic play in scenarios. It's perfect for players ready to take their skills to the next level.

  • "W2" and "M2" (single gender):

This groups caters to players who aim at focusing on skill enhancement, team play, and competitive tactics. W2 and M2 are for players playing at Provincial/Divisional level.

  • "W1" and "M1" (single gender):

Groups for advanced and experienced players. M1 and W1 offer advanced competitive strategies, physical conditioning, and high-level skill refinement for players aiming to compete at Divisional/National level. 

Our Coaches

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