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Hello BE⭐️CHRs,

We are excited to announce a special clinic tailored for performance, advanced, and intermediate players, seeking to improve their skills in ATTACK and TIMING.

For this event, we have invited Roberto Viscuso, a coach from Italy with 35 years of coaching experience.

Roberto has successfully trained numerous professional and amateur players throughout his career and possesses an in-depth understanding of this sport.


Since, someone asked, below you can find the schedule for the Belgian Winter Tour Finals, which will be hosted at our club tomorrow! Some of our Coaches and Beachrs are playing, so, if you want to bring some support, come and join! We will try to bring the first title of Winter National Champ home! 😎

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TRAINING SLOT FOR X players tomorrow (23 of March) from 14 to 16 instead of Sunday morning!

Join us tomorrow for some actions on the sand!

The training can be booked online, via app.



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