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Get to the next level of your beach volleyball project with our support!

Most beach volleyball projects are not reaching their full potential. We believe that, the bigger the European beach volleyball community gets, the faster each separate entity can grow individually. That is why we are offering beach volley projects an insight into our rapid growth, showing them how we built a successful beach volley community in less than 2 years.

This includes (amongst other topics):

  • How to build and maintain a healthy community?

  • How to fund my beachvolley project?

  • How to create an identity that your players can relate to?

  • How to generate enough traction in my project to fund an indoor facility?

  • How to attract sponsors?

  • How to use social media without 'winging it'?

  • How to connect with local authorities and, more importantly, how to get them on your side?

Let Beach Volley Europe guide you into a new decade of beach sports!

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