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One last thing for this week (I promise 😅). There's a extra open beach from now every Saturday evening from 19h. There's 1 court reserved for beachvolley (8 players), 1 for beachtennis and 1 for Footvolley (allthough the latter is not of great succes, so probably 2 courts will be available).

Book it where you book the 'Friday Open beach', in our app or on the website. Btw, those wanting to try beachtennis can also give it a go. Beachtennis Belgium will be present to give some pointers! 🎾

Lezzzz BEACH!

(Insert emoticons)

  • Cinzia Guido
    Joan Josep Rull Moreno
    Reili Kivilo
    Assia Traytcheva


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