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Who's up for some massages?

Next After Work Open Beach, we would like to invite our players to the wonderful massages of 'Thai Massage Works',.

To celebrate this new partnership, the massages will be offered to you come Friday at a discount of 15%. (so that means 17 euro for 20 minutes instead of the usual 20 euro/20 min) .

A little bit of info on the matter: Thai Massage Works (TMW) is a particular style of Thai massage that is especially effective at relieving pain and tightness in your body – whether you have a sore back, injured knee, chronic sciatica or stiff neck and shoulders etc. TMW can effectively treat just about any musculoskeletal problem. TMW can also resolve difficult to describe issues such feelings of heaviness, imbalance, lethargy etc.

Don't be late and book your session in advance via

  • Bogdan O
    Reili Kivilo
    Patrizio Lupi
    Martina Helmlinger


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