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Good morning!!!

The entry lists are ready!!!

Please be on time and remember that

the first two teams of the morning tournament will get access to the afternoon!!

Like this post to let us know you have read it!!!! :)

SHOW TIME 10.45:

Bogdan - Gabi

Lieven - Caterina

Willy - Ursa

Samuel - Kiki

Redouane - TBC

Jordan - Ludovica

Thomas - Caroline

Santo - Ginevra

Marvin - Lina

SHOW TIME 13.45:

Pino - Sofia

Alhassane - Federica

Alex - Sara

Alhoussene - Cinzia

Andy - Wayra

Francesco - Agata

Andrei - Assia

See you on the sand!!!!

The B😎EU Team

Bogdan O
Emrah Akman
Андрей Рудник
Katja Schulze
Katja Schulze
10 jul 2021

Have a Great tournament!!!

Me gusta


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