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Edit nr 3

For now we have 2 skiboxen, one at 16h and 1 at 20h.

16h: Skibox is FULL, single ticket on ground floor at 38eur still possible, or 6 new people for a 2nd skibox at 26eur/person

20h: 4 available spots

Who's joining us Saturday 10th of september to the European King Of The Court Finals in Utrecht? Watching this spectacle is a must for all beachvolleyballplayers!

Teams like Mol/Sorum, Ahman/Helvig and the likes will be on stage for us to see!!!

Tickets are here and can be booked in 2 ways:

  1. Per skibox of max 6 or 10 people.

  2. Ground Floor single tickets

  3. Vip ticket

In this link you can see that there's not much left. Deciding is for the quick!!!

Cinzia Guido
Rodrigo Rodrigo
Tim Kermans
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