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Hello BE🌟ACHEs,

Hurry up to sign up for the upcoming League of BE🌟 ACHEs "Play like a Pro", which will take place on 4th of December!

There are:

3 spots left in a man's tournament

2 spots left in a woman's tournament

If you're looking for a partner, just comment below!

Don't forget that this Sunday, we have an INTERMEDIATE TRAINING session from 10:30 to 12:00 (there just 3 spots left), as well as Open Matches, from 12:00!

See you on court 🤗

Have a great weekend

Coach Olga

Assia Traytcheva
Karin Aurelius
Karin Aurelius
Nov 26, 2022

Hello dear Olga! Its the same day as the clinic isnt it?



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