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Hey BE⭐️CHRs!

Some info for the Mixed Tournament on Sunday:

Since we are fully booked, we cannot host public, except for kids (extant COVID rules). Thank you for your understanding.

At 10.00 there will be a technical meeting explaining the rules and the management of the tournament.

On site you will have the chance to buy breakfast 🍳 (viennoiserie + coffee+ juice), lunch 🥙 (sandwich + water + fruit), and of course drinks 🍹 etc. (the last being more important... we need to stay hydrated, don’t we?).

There will be a short lunch break between the qualification round and the main draws.

The tournament will be played with beach volleyball official rules (for those that asked).

Please be on time in order for the games to run smoothly. We know bars open the day before but they close at 10PM. Time management is of the essence 😂😂😂

The weather so far seems to be amazing!!!! 🤩Bring sun shield if you need it and your best smile!!!!

Thank you to all and see you on Sunday!!!!!!! It is time to play the game! 🔥🔥🔥

The B⭐️EU Team

Gorkem Durak
Cinzia Guido
Ludovica Serafini
Rodrigo Rodrigo
Rodrigo Rodrigo
May 10, 2021

Thank you Patricio Tournament so good men 👏 See you next time...



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