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Good morning BE⭐️CHRs!!!

Some info for the coming weekend 🔥🔥🔥:

Friday 4 June:

The bar @ Circle Park will open its doors and the big terrace from 15:00. 🍹

Open Beach will follow at 18:00, as usual. 🍻

Saturday 5 June:

Open Training is at 15:00 (don’t forget to subscribe!) 🏐

Dj set at 17:00 with DJ Juan 🎶

Sunday 6 June:

Under 10 Training is at 11.00 with Coach Pat 👶

MIXED Tournament starts at 10.30 for Group 1 and 14.30 for Group 2 (details will follow) 🤩

Live Jazz Concert at 16.00 🎺

Padel courts are always open for reservation 🎾

See you at the Circle Park Sports Arena!!! 🤩❤️

The B⭐️EU Team

Ludovica Serafini
Tinou Tinou
Emrah Akman
Antonello Romano
Antonello Romano
01. Juni 2021

Raising the bar! Super!

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