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Some updates on the upcoming events:

- Friday 4 March: we close the first fund raiser and food/medicine collection for UKR, which will be handed over to the Red Cross and WOSP, respectively. We still have time to support!

- Saturday 5 March: Carnival Mixed Tournament and Carnival Party

Some 59ers (the beach club in Lille) will join us for the night 😊

- Sunday 6 March: We host an international tournament with players coming from several EU countries. Come to watch the games! Finals will be in the afternoon.

- 30 April - 8 May: Beach Camp in Mallorca. We are more than 20 already! And together with me and Olga, we will have a great coach and friend of B.EU, Sven, with his assistant coaches. It is a great opportunity to practice with new coaches, especially on a sunny beach together! More info on the website.

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